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Introducing a truly professional Facility Management Company ! We Create a better experiences for our clients.

icon_widget_image Monday-Friday: 9am to 5pm; Weekends: Closed icon_widget_image 19a Sylvia Cresent, Anthony Lagos 100001 Nigeria icon_widget_image +(234) 81-777-7362 +(234) 913 362 0943 icon_widget_image info@thyaura.com admin@thyaura.com
Thyaura MD Mrs-Titilayo-abikoye

Our Thyaura

The place where your Properties comes to life!

Thyaura was established with a simple idea-A determination to earn an honest living. Yet our exponential growth has led us to stand for something greater, to do something impactful, and the realization that value can be consistently delivered to clients, through meaningful partnerships.


Smooth Methods

Our growth

Our growth has been primarily through people and a network of connected-referrals that trust the consistency of our service delivery. Our track record is a testament to this.

By inviting us to their offices and homes they remind us of why we do this every day, to provide incremental value to their assets.
Because in this competitive business environment, infrastructure asset management and maintenance is no longer an option for organizations, it’s a business priority.

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